1. An object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest.


Our mission at Lucidity Artifacts is to unearth unique artisan wares. We are dedicated to supporting and collaborating with Artisans in their path of creating quality goods and sharing it with the public. Our goal is to not only curate wonderful items, but also reveal and highlight the humans behind their creation. Check out our Artisan Spotlight page. We are excited to act as a catalyst for new products, projects and collaborative endeavors. We strive to empower artisans to continue stepping into their genius and excel at their handiwork. We hope to cultivate a culture of promoting sustainable, artistic hand made goods that reflect the character of the people creating them and the people whose hands they find themselves in, such as YOU.    


Lucidity Artifacts has represented the merchandise booth for Lucidity Festival for all six years of the first story cycle. Each year we have worked with new artists to create unique and fantastic designs. Our desire is to have a greater relationship with the artisan community and culture; to create wares that speak beyond the festival.