Artisan Spotlight


  My name is Roman Sorensen. My passion for burls emerged through another passion for winemaking and viticulture. A fall day while working at Valley Vineyard in Prescott Wisconsin I cut down a cherry tree with three burls that I stored away for three years. Once the time was right and another passionate artist had entered my life, those burls now cured and ready to use were removed from the garage. As the first cut through the burl was made “Pandora’s burlwood box” was opened and my curiosity and fascination began to run wild.  The first creations made of that burl were a few pendants that I enjoyed and wanted to share with friends.  The concept and number of pendants grew as that other passionate artist became involved.  Jessica Lou, the other half of the team creates earrings from our milled wood; she also brings the burls into the digital realm with photography, videography and social media. Together we are Burly Brother Woodworking. 


  Burly Brother Woodworking is a Santa Barbara based company focused on creating beautiful wooden products and sculptures from select hand harvested burls. Each piece begins with a hike in the forest to locate the very unique material that is then removed from the mountains and valleys of southern California.  As dead-fall is dried, cured and at the end of its life cycle, it often proves most useful as a source material.  Once back in the shop we begin our collaboration with nature by carefully bisecting and milling each burl to reveal the most vibrant patterns and figuring within.  When completed each piece is polished and finished for healthy and beautiful durability. 

  Our most recent work has been a collection of hand shaped pendants, earrings and belt buckles for both men and women alike.  Along with our accessories we’ve done a few creative collaborations for the Lucidity folks as a key to growth.  As artists we are very excited to move in new directions ranging from architectural elements like sinks, counter tops, banisters and doorknobs to abstract sculptural work for fine art galleries and contemporary spaces. My hope is that you enjoy wearing and sharing our work as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Check them out on Facebook: Burly Brother Woodworking