Lucidity Mythos Deck (Pre-Order)

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Lucidity Mythos Card Deck

Be the first to pre-order the NEW deck!! The newest version of the deck comes complete with a scannable link to the card interpretation guide.  Decks will be delivered in December 2017.


This Oracle Dream Deck contains untold mysteries and secret keys to unlocking your personal mythology. Featuring the work of 22 visionary artists, this 55-card deck is meant to operate as a stand-alone oracle deck AND is being integrated into onsite ARGs (Alternative Reality Games) to be played at festivals. 

By pre-purchasing a deck before Lucidity, you will also be invited to play an exciting and adventurous game which starts as soon as the deck is in your hands. Part scavenger hunt, part experiment with the flow of synchronicity, part archetypal journey, the Mythos Wanders game will integrate and immerse you into the festival experience in a way that might just blow your minds, or at the least leave you adequately stoked.