*NEW* IAMHEALING 2018 Hoodie {Pre-Order Exclusive}

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Back Design

Pre-Order the new design of the popular I AM HEALING Hoodie for 2018 at an amazing discount! This new design is darker than the previous version, but all the symbols are the same. This is the only design available for 2018, the other lighter design is being discontinued.


PRE-ORDER CLOSES DECEMBER 31st 2017. Orders will be shipped in mid-Feb 2018.


The original concept and intention was to create a light-weight garment as a tool for raising ones own frequency and broadcasting powerful healing symbols for higher consciousness outward.  The hoodie supports the I AM HEALING logo on the front, in holographic representation.  The symbols break down along the arms (Sri Yantra near the wrists, Valknut/Antahkarana at the elbows, and the Sacred Heart at the shoulder - for those who wear their Heart on their Sleeves in an empowered way!)  The back of the hoodie displays wings across the shoulders with the chakra points acknowledged along the spine.  The external hood is the flowering lotus of the Crown Chakra - with the OM symbol at the top of the head, the potent Valknut is repeated over the white fabric lining the inside - a bridge to the Heart and 1st Eye Chakras - invoking higher consciousness and creating a sacred container for complete healing and openness to All That Is.